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November 28, 2013

Ottawa Fall 2013 BBM radio ratings (with graphs!)

BBM ratings for Ottawa radio stations were released this week.  Here's how they ranked for all English listeners, by share.

  1. CBC Radio 1 (18.1)
  2. Hot 89.9 (11.9)
  3. CFRA (10.4)
  4. Majic 100 (6.9)
  5. Country 101.1 (6.0)
  6. Chez 106 (5.3)
  7. CBC Radio 2 (5.0)
  8. Kiss FM (4.6)
  9. Live 88.5 (4.5)
  10. The Bear (3.8)
  11. BOB FM (3.3)
  12. The Jewel (3.2)
  13. Boom 99.7 (2.3)
  14. TSN 1200 (2.2)
  15. Rouge fm  (1.3)
  16. DAWG FM (1.1)
  17. Espace Musique (0.8)
  18. 1310News (0.7)
  19. Premiere Chaine (0.3)
  20. CKOI (0.2)
  21. Radio NRJ (0.2)
  22. Planete 97,1 (0.1)
  23. Capitale Rock (0.0)

(For all of the data, I've ranked each station by their share, defined as "the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to all radio". These numbers include all listeners ages 12 and up, Monday to Sunday from 5:00am to 1:00am. (Full data is available here from BBM., and you can find previous charts on our blog under the keyword "radio".)

Here are some different visualizations of the data. Click on any of the graphs for full size.

The top five stations in Ottawa command over 50% of the market share.
Here's how Ottawa's rock stations shape up.
Here's a comparison of English radio stations playing non-rock music.

A comparison of news and information radio stations.
The top ten stations, with the most recent ratings periods.

This graph shows the most recent three radio ratings period, for all English listeners in Ottawa.

This graph shows just the English radio stations.

Any visualizations that you'd like to see from this dataset?  Comment below or send a note to feedback@ottawastart.com and let us know.

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  2. Ok Ok Ottawa Fall ratings is out Hot 89.9 stays at number 2 it has not changed to hip hop/urban. We are missing a real urban station in Ottawa. We do not need 2 top 40 stations Kiss FM is good enough. If anybody wants to help bring back urban on the air you can on this page thank you https://www.facebook.com/fansforabetterurbanhiphoprapstationinottawa

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    This whole data set seems invalid.


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