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March 31, 2008

Reader mail: water pressure

Reader Derek Hayes writes: "My neighbor and I somehow got on the topic of residential water pressure. He maintains that it is considered "high pressure" coming out of the tap. My take on it is that although it is indeed pressurized, it cannot be called "high pressure". Could you tell me what the average household water pressure in Ottawa is?"

We sent to the question to the Ottawa Library's "Ask A Librarian" service, and they replied:
  • There are different pressure zones around the city, so the "average household water pressure" depends on the particular area of the city in question.
  • You can call Water Services at 613-580-2424 x22300, and staff can tell you the water pressure for your specific area.
  • The lowest average household water pressure in Ottawa rangers from 35-45 psi.
  • The highest average household water pressure in Ottawa ranges from 60-80 psi.
  • For fire protection services, the minimum required average household water pressure is 15 psi.
  • More info is here: http://ottawa.ca/city_services/water/27_0_en.shtm
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