October 23, 2014

PODCAST: Lunch Out Loud Ottawa #92: Election Preview & Lemon Cash

Every week we publish a link to the Lunch Out Loud podcast, a weekly show produced by Nick Bachusky and co-hosted by Andrew Miller.

This week: We meet up with Ottawa municipal politic writing legend Jonathan McLeod to discuss this year's Ottawa election. We talk about the issues that are important this year, why voting matters this year, preview in depth 7 ridings and much more! Learn about who you will vote for on October 27th! Music from Lemon Cash!

OttawaStart's Weekly Event Round-Up: October 23-29, 2014

Reflections. Photo by Derek Mellon from the OttawaStart Flickr Group.

Here's our crowdsourced list of the best events in Ottawa this week.
(See also: Ottawa Halloween Events...)

October 23, 2014: 8th Annual Babes4Breasts Concert
A National Benefit Concert fundraising for a variety of Breast Cancer charities. This year's concert will feature Coco Love Alcorn, Scarlett Jane, Jadea Kelly, Laura Cortese, Amanda Rheaume
and Ana Miura. At South Minster United Church (15 Alymer Ave), 8:00pm. A very special music event for a great cause.
-- Glen Gower

October 23, 2014: 8th Annual Babes4Breasts Concert
This Thursday night, Ana Miura, Amanda Rheaume, Coco Love Alcorn, Scarlett Jane, Laura Cortese and Jadea Kelly are uniting to fight breast cancer at the Babes4Breasts benefit concert and CD release. With 6 solid Canadian groups/musicians, this is sure to be a great live show.
-- Eliane Laberge, Eventful Capital

Thursday, October 23: Ottawa City Idol

Local personalities present their ideas for making Ottawa a great city. The audience votes for their favourites, ranking their choices in order of preference. It’s a demonstration of Ranked Choice Voting, which citizens’ group Ottawa123 is encouraging the city to adopt in future elections. The "candidates" are Manjit Basi (Citizens Academy), Joanne Chianello (Ottawa Citizen), Suzanne Doerge (City for All Women Initiative), Graham Saul (Ecology Ottawa) and Brandon Wint (poet). 7 p.m. at Hooley’s Pub and online.
-- Denise DebyGreen Living Ottawa

Thursday-Wednesday, October 23-29: The Ottawa International Writers Festival
The fall edition of Ottawa’s “international celebration of ideas” brings dozens of writers to talk about their craft. Just for example: on Saturday, Heather O’Neill, Christine Fischer Guy and Monia Mazigh present courageous fictional characters in settings from James Bay to Ottawa, while on Tuesday, Alison Pick, Donna Thomson and Catherine Gildiner share the amazing circumstances of their own lives. There’s much more, so check it out.
-- Denise DebyGreen Living Ottawa

Friday-Sunday, October 24-26: Ottawa Poutine Fest
Foodie alert: Poutine Fest is happening this weekend along Sparks Street so if you’re a fan of this classic Canadian comfort food, then be sure to grab some and try the Thai, Greek and Mexican versions. The festivities will also include a poutine eating contest for the brave ones out there as well as street performers and musical entertainment.
-- Eliane Laberge, Eventful Capital

Thursday-Tuesday, October 23-28: Big Library Read
Big Library Read provides OverDrive partner libraries, including the Ottawa Public Library, free simultaneous access to a selected title that any readerwith a Library card can instantly start reading without holds or waitlists.Free access to the eBook, “Anatomy of a Misfit” by author AndreaPortes. At all branches, free admission.
-- Sara-Lynne Levine, Macaroni Kid Ottawa

Saturday, October 25: Hintontoberfest
For the beer lovers, the Ottawa Brewery Market presents HintonTOBERFEST at Hintonburg Park this Saturday. This family-friendly Oktoberfest party, will feature local craft beer from Bicycle Craft Brewery, Dominion City Brewing Co., Flying Monkeys, Lowertown Brewery, Nickle Brook, Stone City Ales, Turtle Island Brewing, and Whitewater Brewing Company. Cheers!
-- Eliane Laberge, Eventful Capital

Sunday, October 26: Howl-o-Ween
The Ottawa Humane Society is holding an open house this Sunday from 11am to 3:30pm at the 245 Hunt Club Road shelter. There will be fun family activities including amazing prize giveaways, face painting, kid’s crafts, Halloween animal portraits, treats and more! Check out their website for more information.
-- Gordon Dewis

Wednesday, October 29: Ottawa Food: A Hungry Capital Book Launch
A book about the changing Ottawa foodie landscape and our local food system? I'm in!
-- Laura Gauthier

Wednesday, October 29: Ottawa Food: A Hungry Capital Book Launch
Don Chow and Jennifer Lim of popular blog foodiePrints launch their new book on Ottawa’s food scene, food providers and food system. At the West End Well, 7 p.m.
-- Denise DebyGreen Living Ottawa

October 20-31: The Bat Hunt
There are bats hiding everywhere in the Children's Museum. Keep your eyes open, and see how many you can spot. Find them all to win a special Halloween treat!
-- Sara-Lynne Levine, Macaroni Kid Ottawa

Have a great week!

October 22, 2014

#MyOttawa, compiled

Flags at City of Ottawa facilities will fly at half-mast Thursday to honour Corporal Nathan Cirillo

Press release from the City of Ottawa.

Flags at all City facilities will be flown at half-mast to honour the life and service of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's), who gave his life today in service to Canada.
The City of Ottawa extends sincere gratitude to Corporal Cirillo and his family and offers our deepest condolences to his family and friends for their tragic loss.
All flags will remain at half-mast until further notice.

October 21, 2014

A political debate that may actually be fun: Ottawa City Idol, October 23

It's not often you get to put "fun" and "political debate" in the same sentence.  This Thursday may be just the opportunity. There's even beer. Here's some info about an event on Thursday night at Hooley's downtown.  It's a demonstration of how Ranked Choice Voting could work in an upcoming election.

Ottawa City Idol is a fun and educational event where prominent community leaders go head-to-head to share their best ideas for Ottawa in order to win the prestigious title of City Idol! Ottawa City Idol candidates will share their ideas and vision on how to make Ottawa a great city. Following a question period, participants, both online and in-person, will vote for their preferred candidates using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Ottawa City Idol is a fun and accessible way to demonstrate what our elections could look like using RCV in our future elections.

The event will take place at Hooley's in Downtown Ottawa, and will be live-streamed and live-tweated at #ottidol. If you can't make it to the party, don't forget to register to participate online so that we can send you link to the live-stream!

Your Candidates:

Manjit Basi, Citizens Academy

Joanne Chianello, Ottawa Citizen

Suzanne Doerge, City for All Women's Initiative

Graham Saul, Ecology Ottawa

Brandon Wint, Poet

Come join Ottawa123 for a fun and interactive evening that will challenge residents to think more about creating a better democracy at the local level. Light refreshments will be served. Alcohol available for purchase.

Event Schedule:

7:00-7:30 - Doors Open and Welcoming Remarks by Ottawa123
7:30-8:30 - Debate Time
8:30-8:45 - Voting Period and Mingle
8:45-9:00 - Results Announced and Wrap-Up
9:00-9:30 - The Party Continues

TRASH TALK: Everything you need to know about the Carp Road Landfill Expansion

(This article originally appeared on on our sister site, StittsvilleCentral.ca.)

StittsvilleCentral.ca posted an article last month about Waste Management filing a compliance application for expanding the Carp Road landfill, and readers had quite a few questions about the facility.

We did some research and sent questions to both Waste Management and The Don’t Let Ottawa Go To Waste (DLOGTW) coalition to come with answers to many of those questions.

Where is the landfill?

The new landfill would be right next to the old one, northwest of where Carp Road crosses the Queensway. The old landfill is the large green hill.

Is the current landfill still accepting garbage?

It’s not, but there is a transfer station being operated on the site. Garbage and recycling material is trucked in, then transferred to larger vehicles and transported elsewhere for disposal.

How big will the landfill be?

The Environmental Assessment approved for the landfill is for a facility covering 6.5-million cubic metres covering 38 hectares. (A major league baseball field is about the size of one hectare.)

When will the landfill start accepting the material, and how long will the landfill operate?

There is no opening date set, says Ross Wallace, a spokesperson for Waste Management. “Most of our approvals are in place currently we are working thru our ECA (Environmental Compliance Approval) with the Ministry of Environment, also discussions/agreements with the City of Ottawa regarding Host Agreement and Community Compensation Plan.”

After those are completed, there are still site plans, building permits and other approvals that every business is subject to. It will be at least two or three years before it opens, he says.

Life expectancy for this type of facility is about 10 years.

What kind of material will go in the landfill?

According to Wallace, the landfill will accept solid non-hazardous waste, including residential, institutional, commercial and industrial waste. The site may receive additional solid non-hazardous waste (soil) that will be primarily used as landfill cover material.

Where will the garbage come from?

The waste received at the landfill will come predominantly from within the City of Ottawa and the surrounding communities, according to Wallace. However, he says the Environmental Assessment that was approved allows for an “Ontario-wide service area”.

Will it smell?
“Landfill gas odours will be controlled through a gas collection system and waste odours will be controlled through tip face management,” says Wallace.

“All landfills smell,” says Harold Moore with the DLOGTW group. “Past experience at the site was not good. Voluntary efforts by the company to control odours did not work. Odour was only controlled after government orders were issued and the landfill was finally closed in 2011.”

His group published a map of odour complaints from 2007 showing hundreds of reports of odours in Stittsville and surrounding areas.

It’s worth noting that there are more homes and businesses close to the landfill site now than in 2011.

On Waste Management’s web site, the facility is described as an “Environmental Centre” but opponents call it a “dump”. What is it?

“The project is the West Carleton Environmental Centre, including disposal, diversion and energy projects,” says Wallace.

“Nowhere in the thousands of pages submitted for environmental compliance approval and re-zoning has anything but a landfill been described,” says Moore.

The City of Ottawa refers to the document as a “landfill” in most reports and meeting minutes.

Why a landfill? Why not incineration or another alternative technology?

Waste Management says that alternatives were explored for this site, decided incineration wasn’t a viable option.

Moore says that his group recommended incineration and plasma-gasification as alternatives. He points to a waste-to-ethanol project in Edmonton as an example of a technology he believes could be used here. (Waste Management is an investor in Enerkem, the company behind that project.)

How many trucks per day are expected to deliver garbage to the site? What access roads will they use?

Wallace says the estimates 70 to 100 trucks per hour will service the site during operating hours. Trucks will enter via Carp Road, which will have four lanes including two turning lanes for access to the facility.

What measures will be in place to protect surrounding land from contamination.

Wallace says that an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) will be in place, regulated and monitored by the Ministry of the Environment. “This program will include groundwater monitoring, surface water monitoring, leachate monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring including dust (TSP), VOCs – 10 component including vinyl chloride, odour (reduced sulphur compounds) and total hydrocarbons (THC).”

What if there are complaints about the landfill once it opens? What is the process and who investigates?
The public can file complaints and concerns through the City of Ottawa or the Ministry of Environment. All complaints will be directed to Waste Management’s landfill manager.

One of the conditions in the approved Environmental Assessment is that Waste Management set up a community liaison committee to “provide a forum for public concerns” and “for mitigation measures to be discussed where appropriate”. That committee is already in place. The conditions also call for a plan to monitor species at risk.

At this point is there anything that can be done that would stop the landfill from proceeding?

Although various City of Ottawa officials said they were opposed to the landfill, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment approved Waste Management’s application.

Moore says the cost of mounting a legal challenge is beyond the resources of the coalition.

“Our coalition is lobbying the (Ontario Minister of Environment) to put a moratorium on landfill approvals until the issue of poor IC&I (institutional, commercial and industrial) waste diversion is addressed with an updated regulatory framework that encourages energy recovery disposal,” says Moore.

Moore says that a Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) and Community Host Agreement, still awaiting approval, could be used to mitigate the impacts of the landfill.

The City of Ottawa is pushing for several conditions to be included in the facility’s certificate of operation. These conditions include:
Limiting landfill source material to the City of Ottawa and Lanark County (and not province-wide).
The ability to stop operations on the site if there are ongoing odour issues.
Ensuring property value protection is in place for nearby land.
A review of road design to ensure it can handle increased truck traffic.
Development of a program to protect against ground water and surface water contamination.

But it’s unclear what, if any, legal leverage the City has to enforce these conditions, other than if they are accepted through negotiation in the ECA and host agreement.

Aren’t all the complaints about this landfill just “NIMBY”? Nobody wants a landfill in their backyard but it has to go somewhere, doesn’t it?

“We have always advocated for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and energy recovery disposal technologies; not landfills,” says Moore. “The future of waste disposal should not include landfills in anyone’s backyard… Some of the garbage coming to our backyard will be not ours. Sometimes NIMBY is a good thing.”

For more information:

October 17, 2014

PODCAST: Lunch Out Loud Ottawa #91: Unshaven Mavens & Heavy Bedroom

Every week we publish a link to the Lunch Out Loud podcast, a weekly show produced by Nick Bachusky and co-hosted by Andrew Miller.

This week: We meet up with Amie and Malorie from the Unshaven Mavens to talk all things cancer awareness and their great charitable organization and how it is helping those in Ottawa. We also talk Movember which is coming up soon. As always Jenn from foodiePrints let's us know about some great food events this weekend. Music this week from Heavy Bedroom!

October 15, 2014

OttawaStart's Weekly Event Round-Up: October 16-22, 2014

cliché fall parliament.
Cliché Fall Parliament. By ssstevieb, from the OttawaStart Flickr Group

Here's our crowdsourced list of the best events in Ottawa this week.

Thursday-Sunday, October 16-19: Merrickville's Jazz Fest
It's the fourth year for the little-jazz-festival-that-could, which showcases a wide variety of local and imported jazz groups. New this year is long-time bebop drummer Norman Marshall Villeneuve and his Jazz Message from Montreal, and swing and gypsy jazz vocalist Denielle Bassels from Toronto. And, for the first time, acclaimed Ottawa pianist Brian Browne will be artist-in-residence, appearing three times on the Sunday. The festival will close with a revival of A Tribute to Blossom Dearie, which was enthusiastically received at the NAC in 2010. Merrickville is less than an hour from Ottawa by car: passes are available for the whole festival, for individual days, and for individual concerts. Advance reservations are needed for some shows in local restaurants.
-- Alayne McGregorOttawaJazzScene.ca

Thursday-Saturday, October 16-18: The Ottawa Implosion Weekend
Ottawa Explosion organizers are bringing you the first ever Ottawa Implosion Weekend, 3 days of the best contemporary underground post-punk, psych, and dark disco from North America and Europe here in the Nation’s Capital.
-- Eliane Laberge, Eventful Capital

Thursday, October 16: An Evening of Food and Discussion
Hear about local food initiatives and enjoy soup and bannock at this event marking World Food Day. Organized by the Ottawa Good Food Box, a very cool program that provides monthly orders of fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. The evening includes speakers from FoodShare Toronto and local farm Roots and Shoots, and takes place at the impressive Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, 7-9 p.m.
-- Denise DebyGreen Living Ottawa

Friday, October 17: Fevers at the Shenkman Arts Centre.
Sometimes it's easy to forget how good some Ottawa bands are because it's easier to catch them live. Fevers is one of those bands. If you haven't seen them live, now's your cvhance. If it's been a while, you should see how tight they've become. Head out to the Shenkman Arts Centre on Friday and they will surely be playing this fine ditty:http://youtu.be/TbM1K2or8pU
-- Ryan BreseeCKCU's Whatever's Cool With Me

Friday-Saturday, October 17-18: Theatre Wakefield presents Infinitheatre’s Kafka's Ape
Captured in Africa, the ape Redpeter's only escape route is to become a walking, talking, hard-drinking member of the war-making, mercenary Peace Industry. Adapted/directed by: Guy Sprung, starring Howard Rosenstein, with Alex Montagnese. Wakefield Community Centre, October 17/18 ... Tickets $20. “Disastrously entertaining!”
(Sponsored event)

Saturday-Sunday, October 18-19: The Ottawa Wedding Show
The {Fall} Ottawa Wedding show, veiled in "Vintage Chic", will exude romance and whimsical elegance. Attend and immerse yourself in a unique experience while discovering solutions for every element of your celebration. At EY Centre.
(Sponsored event)

Saturday, October 18: Ottawa Fury vs Edmonton FC
If you haven't had a chance to catch the new Ottawa professional soccer team you should definitely check it out this weekend - battle against another Canadian team with lots of fun rivalry! Great event for families, or if you're looking to take your experience up a notch, contact one of the Supporters Groups (Stony Monday RiotBytown Boys) for cheap seats in the Supporters Section for some chanting, drumming, and taunting of the Eddies!
-- Laura Gauthier

Saturday, October 18: Fall Family Sale in support of Ottawa Fur Kids
A sale for items from local businesses that go in support of neglected pets.
-- Nick Bachusky

Saturday, October 18: The Souljazz Orchestra
These Ottawa favourites will be giving a homecoming show at Babylon this Saturday night and for the occasion they'll be celebrating the reissue of their early catalogue on Do Right! Music, specially remastered for 180g high quality vinyl. A guaranteed good time!
-- Eliane Laberge, Eventful Capital

October 18-November 1: Montreal Artist Presents Exciting New Work in Ottawa
Danièle Lemieux will present a collection of recent paintings in a solo show Food for Thought, at Wallack Galleries, 203 Bank Street, October 18th to November 1. In this exhibition, Lemieux explores the duality concept of sustenance; the feeding of the body and, through art, the feeding of the soul.
(Sponsored event)

Saturday, October 18: Inner Peace is the Key for World Peace - Public talk by world-renowned humanitarian & peace-advocate, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. At the Canadian Museum of History, Grand Hall

Sunday, October 19: Meditation with the Master - Practical workshop with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. At Tudor Hall
(Sponsored event)

Sunday, October 19: YOW: Ottawa Writers Write About Ottawa
October 19 at 7:00 pm. Pressed, 750 Gladstone. zine launch-free admission; zines $3-5; surprise musical guest
-- Amanda Earl, Bywords

October 20-31: The Bat Hunt
There are bats hiding everywhere in the Children's Museum. Keep your eyes open, and see how many you can spot. Find them all to win a special Halloween treat!
-- Sara-Lynne Levine, Macaroni Kid Ottawa

Tuesday, October 21: Unveiling the Mask of Mental Illness Fundraiser
Come support the Causeway Work Centre’s employment programs at this annual event, which features a silent auction and the launch of Causeway’s holiday card program. Expect expert hosting by CBC’s Lucy van Oldenbarneveld. At the Orange Art Gallery, 7-10 p.m.
-- Denise DebyGreen Living Ottawa

Have a great week!

October 12, 2014

Ottawa mascots, old and new

Two photos came up on my Twitter feed this week related to Ottawa mascots.

First, a throwback Thursday shot of some classic Ottawa mascots from 1992.

Can you help name them all?  From left to right:

  1. ?
  2. shopping centre?
  3. Sparky (Ottawa Fire Department)
  4. Slush Puppie?
  5. Yellow Pages
  6. OC Owl
  7. Bank of Montreal
  8. dog?
  9. ?
  10. ?
  11. red bird?

Second, the Ottawa Senators unveiled four new prime minister mascots who will be taking part in intermissions at some of the games this year.  They're inspired by the Washington Nationals Racing Presidents, one of baseball's most successful (and entertaining) promotions.

From left to right: Spartacat, King, Laurier, Macdonald, Borden.

See also: More blog posts about Ottawa mascots
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October 10, 2014

PODCAST: Lunch Out Loud Ottawa #90: Craig Cardiff in Uber Ride

Every week we publish a link to the Lunch Out Loud podcast, a weekly show produced by Nick Bachusky and co-hosted by Andrew Miller.

This week: The episode was recorded in the back of an Uber car. We meet up with local singer/songwriter Craig Cardiff who continually tours across the country to discuss life of the road, Ottawa, Uber, Partick Artists and so much more! He plays songs on an Uber experience from his office to the market! We hope you enjoy!

See also: Ottawa Entertainment Guide
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